Mandeville Dentist: Specialist In Pediatric Dentistry

Dental treatment for children can be difficult for the most patient of dentists. This Mandeville dentist has the patience and desire to work with children as his additional clientele. This outstanding dentist offers state of the art services to both adults and children. Dr. Grand has the knowledge and skills to address the challenges often associated with treating young children.

As a concerned parent, one realizes the necessity of regular dental check-ups for cleaning and other dental services. Every parent wants their child to have a positive experience without fear and anxiety. However, parents are often able to alleviate fears by maintaining a supportive and positive attitude. Children are quite adept in picking up on the emotions of their parents. If a parent is anxious, it creates more difficulty for the child to relax.  It is also critically important that the dentist teaches the child about brushing techniques and proper hygiene. However, if a child is in pain with a toothache, generally controlling their emotions is more difficult.

Rather than being frustrated with the child’s behavior, Dr. Grand will devote time to calming the child in order to complete the procedure as pain-free as possible.  For excellent dental service in a child-friendly environment, this Mandeville dentist will ease your concerns.  As children grow up, you want them to have happy, healthy smiles as they make their way in the world. At Grand Family Dentistry, this dedicated and compassionate dentist will provide your child with preventative as well as aesthetic dental help contributing to building the child’s self-esteem.  Dr. Grand offers an array of dental services to meet the patient’s needs. Using the latest technology, his experienced staff works together as a team to give your child exceptional quality treatment from the time you and your child walk in for the initial visit.
Your child’s first birthday is usually the first time they should be brought in for a checkup.

This dentist is a trusted caregiver who knows how to work with various age groups to reinforce good dental health habits and confidence. Your child will get the needed attention with a caring professional who knows how to work with children.  This comfortable, friendly atmosphere equipped with state-of-the-art amenities helps children feel relaxed and confident. Working with their staff, your child can develop a positive attitude about visiting the dentist and help establish dental health care habits that will last a lifetime.  This Mandeville dentist provides the most comprehensive care locally. He also has a full line of cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry services for adults as well as children. Visit to schedule an appointment for your child.

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